I’m a maker and/or I own a retail store. Can I have a discount for a high quantity purchase?

Best practices for most companies include offering a quantity discount for making a higher volume purchase. We think that this just makes sense, so we try to help customers who are making Clear Solutions displays an essential part of their business.

The policy focuses on our two main customer groups.

For makers: if you purchase a quantity of 100 or more of an item and they are shipping to one location, you receive a 10% discount on that sales order. This is directed towards individuals and companies who produce a product; greeting cards, art cards, prints, coasters, soap, candy, sealing wax, heirloom veggie seeds (anything!.) These makers offer our displays to stores along with their unique products.

For retailers: buying $1,000 worth of displays that are shipping to one location will earn you a 10% discount. This is intended to help our customers who need a lot of retail fixtures to start a new store, expand, or spruce up their current business.

For more information about our policies, follow this link to our customer service page.