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Plywood Floor Spinner 56 Pockets (456)

$199.95 - $244.95
This spinning floor rack is available with a variety of pocket sizes. It has fifty-six pockets which display merchandise back to back with the fronts facing out for customers to see. These spinning...

Wood and Acrylic Spinner Maple (920-70)

This type of spinning rack is a must for retail businesses to artfully and economically display any number of items. It can save space by residing in a corner - or can create flow and shape by being...

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Clear Acrylic Slanted Shelf for Wall (choose size)

$7.50 - $19.50
Also known as "J" trays, these shelves are perfect for displaying greeting cards. The angled base of the shelf makes the bottom of the cards come to the front and tilt back for best viewing angle...


Virus Barrier and Study Carrels

Virus Barrier and Study Carrels

Clear Solutions is now offering a Virus Barrier for school and retail use. A lot has happened in the world since last we blogged. A worldwide pandemic has caused all of us to update our idea of w …
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