Featured Collection

Tiered Note Card Racks (choose size)

$39.50 - $59.50
These multi-sized clear acrylic countertop racks are sturdy and so versitle. Look through the size options to choose the dimensions that will best suit the needs of your display, they hold from nine...

Plywood Floor Spinner 56 Pockets(456)

$169.95 - $199.95
This spinning floor rack is available with a variety of pocket sizes. It has fifty-six pockets which display merchandise back to back with the fronts facing out for customers to see. These spinning...

Best Sellers

Clear Acrylic Slanted Shelf for Wall (choose size)

$7.00 - $18.00
Also known as "J" trays, these shelves are perfect for displaying greeting cards. The angled base of the shelf makes the bottom of the cards come to the front and tilt back for best viewing angle...


How do I apply for a distributor account?

How do I apply for a distributor account?

We often receive calls from customers who want to re-sell Clear Solutions displays or include them with products that they are marketing to retail stores. Wonderful! It is a great way to make your pro …
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