Can you do custom displays for my special product or shop?

Have that special product that no one else makes? Or is there an idea you have for your store that would make that awkward corner the perfect place to put XYZ merchandise? We would love to help you design the just the right custom display solution. Our designers work with customers to create unique designs everyday.

Our most common materials to work with are birch plywood and clear acrylic - which make a sophisticated pairing (if we do say so ourselves!). We do sometimes make displays in colored acrylics and various colors of wood - we can can talk about your options.

How to start designing a custom display? We start with the product in most cases. We look at the size of the items and the packaging - and we also take into consideration the feel of the merchandise. If it is a contemporary, clean feel we might recommend clear acrylic or white Komatex as the material. For a warmer, more natural feel we could use a natural or maple colored birch.

The designer will go back and forth with you about details for the display, often using technical drawings as a way to convey the ideas. Once you are agreed on what is needed, we will work up a quote based on the materials and time required to build your display and we will send you a quote. We are a small factory and so we are able to offer custom displays to you with no minimum quantity (though a set-up fee will apply for custom orders of fewer than 25). Follow this link for more information about Clear Solutions custom displays.