Are there Guarantees for Clear Solutions products?

The short answer is YES, and we are very proud of this policy. We guarantee our products against breakage for one year. Simply return any product that breaks within a year of purchase and we will repair or replace it at no charge. This has come in handy for a customer in California, whose retail displays fell during an earthquake. She called and explained what happened, we sent new displays out and they were in the store and set-up the next week.

Other crazy circumstances include a greeting card spinner that was pushed over at a grocery store one night by the janitor’s overzealous floor polishing! Another at a bookshop where a child bumped into a freestanding bookshelf, causing a chain reaction and damage to displays. In both cases, the displays were replaced at no charge.

Our most common replacements are parts of displays. If a purchase arrives but something has been damaged on its way, we will send a replacement for that damaged piece right away to get that customer back on track and selling.

Follow this link to learn more about Clear Solution's Policies and Guarantees.