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Clear Flat Shelves 3-1/2" Deep (choose size)

$10.50 - $14.00
This flat bottom shelf made from high quality polished acrylic displays your merchandise simply and with strength while maximizing your retail space. Perfect for boxed notecards! This shelving comes in three different lengths: 24'', 30'', and 36''...

Clear Acrylic Slanted Shelf for Wall (choose size)

$7.00 - $18.00
Also known as "J" trays, these shelves are perfect for displaying greeting cards. The angled base of the shelf makes the bottom of the cards come to the front and tilt back for best viewing angle. Choose several lengths to mix and match to fill your...

Flat Shelves without Front Lip (choose size)

$8.25 - $12.75
This clear acrylic shelf is nearly invisible, allowing your products to take center stage. It has holes for use with screws to secure to the wall. We can customize any item with a logo, company name, or product name. Most Clear Solutions products are...