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Also known as "J" trays, these shelves are perfect for displaying greeting cards. The angled base of the shelf makes the bottom of the cards come to the front and tilt back for best viewing angle. Choose several lengths to mix and match to fill your space. There is a 1/4" hole at each end for hanging. We recommend spacing them 8 1/2-9" apart on the wall. Hardware not included. Not recommended for home use.

Most Clear Solutions products are made under one roof in our New Hampshire facility from sustainable plywood and/or polished clear acrylic. Most products are in stock and ready to ship within two days of an order.

Hardware is not included with our shelving. 

This is because the correct hardware to mount your shelf will be determined by the kind of wall you will be hanging it on. Please consult your local contractor or hardware store for information on what hardware is right for you.

#8010  Card Shelf 16" wide
16"W x 2"D  x 2-3/4" lip

#8020  Card Shelf 24" wide (pictured) 
24"W x 2"D  x 2-3/4" lip 

#8030 Card Shelf 30" wide 
30"W x 2"D x 2-3/4" lip 

#8040 Card Shelf 36" wide
36"W x 2"D x 2-3/4" lip

#8050  Card Shelf 48" wide
48"W x 2"D x 2-3/4" lip

Dimensions: width (side to side) x height (top to bottom) x depth (front to back)


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Note: 4' long acrylic shelves will be slightly bowed. This bowing happens to long pieces of acrylic when heated, bent, and cooled; typically, the longer the piece the more pronounced the bowing. To avoid this minor bowing, please utilize shorter lengths in your design plan. A display where two 2' pieces are used instead of one 4’ is probably the best option.



Reviews (8)

LuAnn 16th Sep 2023

Love Love these displays for my store

Love everything I have bought from this company. I have clear shelves, I have spinning card racks, I have small card racks, Small print racks and everything is the best quality and looks so attractive.

Corien Siepelinga 15th Jul 2023

clear acrylic slanted shelf for wall.

Works great for greeting cards. Clean, professional look, easy to install.

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