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10" High Pocket Spinner (817)

$69.50 - $79.50
Our 817 series clear acrylic countertop spinners offer 10" spacing from shelf to shelf to accommodate taller cards, DVDs, and other products. 16 facings allow you to display a large number of products with a minimal countertop footprint. Most Clear...

Three Tiered Cascades for Wall or Countertop (choose size)

$38.50 - $74.50
This clear acrylic three tiered shelf is perfect for organizing and displaying DVDs, books, and boxed notecards. It is ready to hang. Most Clear Solutions products are made under one roof in our New Hampshire facility from sustainable plywood and/or...

Three Tier Plywood Display (4908)

Long open shelves make this a versatile display for all kinds of merchandise. There is 12" of useable space on each tier and 2-1/2" of depth. The step up from shelf to shelf is 5" creating a minimal amount of overlap. From boxed cards to gift items you...

Two Tier Greeting Card Rack (4328)

This sturdy, elegant birch plywood countertop display is perfectly sized for greeting cards, postcards and DVDs. It has a fixed divider in the center of the two tiers that creates four slots 5-7/8" wide and 1-3/4" deep. The front lip is made of clear...

Face Out Book Stand or Book Shelf With Lip (choose size)

$15.50 - $28.50
Use as a book stand on a counter or as a book shelf on the wall. Great for books, magazines, calendars, pamphlets, DVDs. Made of heavy 4.5mm acrylic. Ledge for books is 2-1/2" deep with 2" high front lip. Most Clear Solutions products are made under...

Plywood Full Sheet Brochure Holder (4325)

This birch brochure holder is available with a birch or a clear acrylic front. The neutral wooden material makes an attractive counter top display for magazines, flyers, or any full-sheet sized materials. Most Clear Solutions products are made under one...

Large Plywood Bookstand (choose width)

$8.95 - $17.95
Clean and simple! This birch plywood easel is an attractive neutral holder for displaying books, artwork, and mounted signs on a table, shelf, or countertop. Most Clear Solutions products are made under one roof in our New Hampshire facility from...


Table-top display for a single book title. Book rests on the 2-1/2" deep base and the 8" angled back holds it upright. Great for any size book including art volumes and children's' books. Heavy gauge acrylic. Most Clear Solutions products are made under...
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Plate Stands (choose size)

$4.50 - $14.50
Heavy Acrylic Plate Stands - Counter or Wall Mount Simple and functional, these heavy clear acrylic plate stands are perfect for displaying the beauty of the items they hold. Use for plates, ceramics, artwork or books; these stands...