Plywood Floor Spinner 40 Pockets (440)

440-B Pockets 5" w $159.95 440 Pocket Size: 440-B Pockets 5" w $159.95
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With nine different sized interchangeable pockets available, this modular spinner offers a unique opportunity for crafting a card display that will keep up with your changing needs. Choose the pockets that fit your cards -- if your needs change, individual sized pockets may be purchased separately (please call us at 800-257-4550 for individual pocket purchases). You can get creative, your spinner can have different size pockets or all the same. 

This spinner as a standard item has forty pockets which display merchandise back to back with the fronts facing out for customers to see. Adding end pockets increases the capacity even more! Each pocket can be up to 10" tall. The overall display is 62" tall.

Most Clear Solutions products are made under one roof in our New Hampshire facility from sustainable plywood and/or polished clear acrylic. Most products are in stock and ready to ship within two days of an order.

Thank you to our friends at Good Paper for allowing us to show off our displays using their colorful and fun cards. See more of what they have to offer at

Pocket sizes (choose the size that works for your cards):

440-A Birch/Clear Spinner 40 Pockets 6-1/2" w/Dividers 
each pocket: 6-1/2"w x 2-3/8"h

440-B Birch/Clear Spinner 40 Pockets 5"                                                                                                          

each pocket: 5"w x 3-3/8" h

440-C Birch/Clear Spinner 40 Pockets 6-1/4"
each pocket: 6-1/4"w x 3-3/8"h

440-C/D Birch/Clear Spinner 40 Pockets 7-1/2", 1/2 Vertical, 1/2 Horizontal 
C pockets: 6-1/4"w x 3-3/8"h (half)
D pockets: 7-1/2"w x 3-3/8"h (half)

440-D Birch/Clear Spinner 40 Pockets 7-1/2" 
each pocket: 7-1/2"w x 3-3/8"h

440-F Birch/Clear Spinner 40 Pockets 6-3/4" 
each pocket: 6-3/4"w x 3-3/8"h

440-H Birch/Clear Spinner 40 Pockets 4-1/4" 
each pocket:4-3/8"w x 3-3/8"h

Option #8438: Add lockable casters for base.

Assembly Instructions

Calculate pocket sizes using 
inside dimensions

1st number = max width of cards
2nd number = max height of cards
3rd number = thickness of facing

Each pocket holds 4 facings

Optional Dividers support and organize cards as stock sells through. 1 divider per 4 pockets.


Optional End Pockets 
hold 1 doz cards each.



Reviews (4)

Krista Perry 20th Dec 2023

Fantastic Product

I have been searching for the perfect stand for our recipe cards that was durable, professional and made in the USA and found this particular company and product. The shipping was reasonable and the assemble of the product was very easy to follow! So glad I ran across Clear Displays and looking forward to future business with them!

Robbin 22nd Jan 2023

So excited to find this!

I have been searching for months to find a spinning floor rack for our notecards and postcards. Most of them are a landscape format and most display racks tend to be portrait orientation. This rack not only checks that box, but the clear acrylic pockets don't let items fall out, allow a full display of the postcard fronts, and the wooden base and frame fits our small bookstore much nicer than a wire rack. The shipment arrived quickly and in good shape. The only issue I had putting the item together was that in the top center joint, the end of the piece was a bit rounded and wouldn't fit. Just a tiny swipe or three with my rasp and it fit snugly together! Once together, it's very sturdy and spins smoothly. My only problem is that the old wire rack only had 20 pockets so now I have to find more cards!! Thank you for a great product and I've shared your info with other small retailers in our area :)

Additional Info

Additional Info

440-B Pockets 5" w $159.95 440 Pocket Size: 440-B Pockets 5" w $159.95

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