Dividers for 800 and 400 Series Spinner Pockets

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These acrylic dividers slide into the pockets of the 800 and 400 series Acrylic Spinners to separate facings and support cards - 1 divider for every 4 pockets

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Each pocket holds 4 facings

Optional End Pockets
hold 1 doz cards each


#8456 Enclosure Cards
4"x1" $3.95

#8490 End Pocket
5-1/2" x 1" $6.00




Reviews (2)

Laura Harpster 2nd Jun 2022

Dividers for 800 and 400 Series Spinner Pockets for Acrylic Spinner 816-C

These Clear Dividers are a definite "must have" for the Acrylic Counter Spinner. They are manufactured with the highest quality and precision. By using a Divider in each of the Spinner Pockets, I can double the amount of Greeting Cards that I can display; turning 8 Cards into 16 Cards being viewed! They also help support the Cards that have a lower stock amount by keeping them neat and upright. The masking tape backing is a bit of a challenge to peel off-but I am so glad it is there to protect the dividers from scratching/marring during shipment. These Dividers are such an ingenious design. I can't wait to use them at my next Event!

Jeanne 4th Nov 2020

Dividers for Spinning Pockets

I am so happy I ordered the Dividers to go with the Counter Spinner. They keep the cards standing upright and also separated making it easier for re-stocking.

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