Virus Barrier and Study Carrels

Clear Solutions is now offering a Virus Barrier for school and retail use. A lot has happened in the world since last we blogged. A worldwide pandemic has caused all of us to update our idea of what a normal day looks like. Businesses, small and large, are reeling from the changed demands put on our employees and facilities. We are balancing staying open vs staying safe. Here at Clear Solutions we are back in our small New Hampshire facility, but limiting our hours so that we can meet the decreased demand for retail displays with appropriate employee time. To talk to us, please call before 3:30 on weekdays.

To satisfy the reopening needs of our local schools, libraries, restaurants, and retail businesses we designed a few versions of the Virus Shield (aka sneeze guard, plexiglass divider, virus barrier, retail shield) to suit different tastes and needs. These are now available on our website to everyone. We have two standard (stock) Shields, one with a wooden frame and one in clear acrylic, designed with retail in mind and just started offering a Virus Shield for the classroom.

We are also filling orders for custom Virus Shields to fit specific sizes and unique needs, see our custom order form for details, or call us at (603) 256-6644 or email at We are offering bulk discounts to schools equipping classrooms for the return of students and can offer pick-up, local delivery, or shipping via the delivery service of your choice.