YES! We do custom design and printing.

If, after looking through this extensive database you don't find what you are looking for, let us know. Whether you need one piece or a thousand, we can make it for you. For the highest quality and flexibility, everything is hand-fabricated, making small runs affordable.


Design - You will work with one of our designers to create a display that meets the needs of your unique product and space. 

Details to consider: 

Product - What is the exact size and shape of your unique product (you may send us a sample so there are no lingering questions) 

Capacity - Are we including more than one kind of product on the display? And how many individual products do we want on the display? 

Location - Will the display set on floor, countertop, or mount to the wall?

Type - Are you looking for a spinner for hooks or shelves, a tiered shelf, or something designed for slatwall. Take a look at the stock items on our website ( for ideas.

Space - Is there a maximum outside dimension that your display is required to fit into? 

At the end of the design process we will provide you with a quote for a production run of your custom design.

Prototype -We recommend creating a prototype before we produce a full run of your custom display. $60 - $200 for a prototype is standard. 

Minimums - Though we have no minimum order for custom designs, there is a $100 set-up fee for an order in a quantity fewer than 25 of a custom display run.

Production Time -From our final agreement on a design to the production of a prototype is 2 - 3 weeks. From your order for a run of a custom display to shipping is 3 - 4 weeks.

Printing - We can customize an existing stock item by printing your logo directly on it or create your own display design with your logo in mind throughout the process. We have printed custom designs on all types of media including acrylics, plywood, foam board, corrugated plastics, metal. And we can print on almost any material up to 1.9" thick and up to 4ft x 8ft.

Fees - $150 one time art set-up fee and a fee of $2.50 (or more depending on size) for each time we print your artwork 

Specs - Send your finished artwork as a PDF or EPS at 100% sized to print (300 dpi), formatted CMYK. 

For more information, or to place an order for a custom designed display please contact our Sales/Design team at or call 603-256-6644.